working hard

so I’ve been working hard these days. Reading books, organizing my art studio and documents, grinding as a cashier at a grocery store to afford to eat and dress, since I haven’t done anywhere near enough here with my content creation. I thought that content is king and I should do my best to pull myself up to being at a level worth sharing, but I can’t afford to care about that now. It’d be nice to have integrity, but I gotta do what I gotta do. Open mouths get fed, you know? So, guess it’s time to finally be attention whoring out with everything I got. No holds barred. I ain’t cuffing no action anymore. You people don’t see me, and I need to be doing more for myself.

So, expect this site to get a lot more busy and active. I need more presence, I haven’t enough influence, and am unknown. It’s weak, and I’m done hiding. Time to get my back up off the wall. I’ll never fully be ready, and I’m always going to keep changing and evolving with new interests and such. So, may as well just put myself out there more.

I can’t afford to stay hidden any longer.

So, hello world. For real this time.