color journal 9

I observed these leaves on the overhang of the roof of my house, and thought that the variances in green was beautiful. The differences in value are nice, with some greens being light and others dark, from the same plant.

color journal 8

I saw another rainbow while on the freeway (in the passenger’s seat)

noticed how the colors gradually shift from red to orange to yellow to green to blue

color journal 7

A staff of fire beside a dimly lit fireplace, with the bright orange-yellow flames illuminating the red brick ground.

Color Journal 6

A faint rainbow visible above a palmtree and the Fremont hill behind Ohlone, taken on my first day of school.

A good omen, perhaps? 

color journal 6

More beautiful greens and orange tinged with yellow in this dusk set of flowers outside Starbucks and Sprouts beside The Fremont Hub