The world is yours.


AttentionSpam is an in-house independent animation production company. We have everything it takes to make cool cartoons and other branded digital content. Talented industry professional humans work with our intergalactic alien collaborators over the internet, where you have stumbled across our humble home. We take pride in our craftsman's excellence when it comes to the conceptual development and full-on production of snazzy aesthetic cartoons that really feel the vibes. This studio started from auteur filmmakers that conjured out of a crazy grandma’s basement, where we were forced to eat fish heads from a bucket until we devolved into degenerate artist scum while everyone else went off to live real lives and do real successful business deals, while we became highly successful failures. We may not all be in the same boat, but we are all headed to the same destination. See you in HellO World Placeholder image

the legends tell the story of adventure embarked by the righteous heroic champions of spam. upon horses they rode