Once Again

Well, things just keep coming up and nothing ever goes to plan. It’s difficult to create without any rhyme or reason, with zero structure to daily life. Life is very unsustainable and up in the air, it seems. Despite this I do my best to hold on to the hope that I will be able… Continue reading Once Again

CouchSurfer Concept

So while I was in the office today (that’s code for the bathroom, fyi) I was brainstorming possible ideas to pursue, with odd names for songs and just random eclectic things of that sort. Suddenly, it clicked. I had just come from the living room, where I had setup a bunch of art supplies surrounding… Continue reading CouchSurfer Concept

Joe Rogan has coronavirus

So, word on the street is that the host of the Joe Rogan Experience has contracted coronavirus while on tour in Florida. It’s strange, I was just listening to his podcast recently a few days ago, and now this has just happened. I hope he recovers and is okay after this. When the pandemic lockdown… Continue reading Joe Rogan has coronavirus

indie art game design dev

So, I’ve decided to begin building a Unity 2.5D sidescrolling platformer game. It will be a workflow pipeline test to rapidly prototype and further development my talent and skills. The plan is to doodle on whiteboards and scribble on index cards, to then scan and capture into adobe to play around and polish. I will… Continue reading indie art game design dev

Hello World

AttentionSpam is an amazing full animation studio, enjoyed by countless¬† viewers worldwide for compelling stories and appealing aesthetics. AttentionSpam is proud to display the crazy works of our rare inhouse studio directors and artists. Expert Animators, Visionary Directors, True Artists AttentionSpam proves that you’ve got to fake it to make it! Fall forward! Take risks… Continue reading Hello World