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Joe Rogan has coronavirus

So, word on the street is that the host of the Joe Rogan Experience has contracted coronavirus while on tour in Florida. It’s strange, I was just listening to his podcast recently a few days ago, and now this has just happened. I hope he recovers and is okay after this. When the pandemic lockdown first began I remember him talking to Bill Burr about how he had hunted an elk and was keeping it in his freezer or something, to gnaw on during the long pandemic and avoid the grocery stores where infection risk was, back when people were hoarding toilet paper.

Of all the people to have contracted the coronavirus, I’m surprised that it’s Joe Rogan. Maybe it’s because he is one of the only people that I listen to while isolated in pandemic, and it felt like he was taking it seriously….but then, I dunno, maybe that’s just been me, and I associated my own level of consideration onto him.

Anyway, it’s always something. The world is crazy. Most recently it’s Joe Rogan with covid. Can’t Musashi your way out of that one.

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