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Hello World

AttentionSpam is an amazing full animation studio, enjoyed by countless  viewers worldwide for compelling stories and appealing aesthetics. AttentionSpam is proud to display the crazy works of our rare inhouse studio directors and artists.

Expert Animators, Visionary Directors,

True Artists

AttentionSpam proves that you’ve got to fake it to make it! Fall forward! Take risks of ambition and sail the seas of creativity! Come with us as we seek to entertain the huddled masses of humanity with craftsman’s excellence.

Behind-The-Scenes, Production Materials, Lessons & Tutorials

Developing talent is of utmost importance to us! The future is now, so prepare to be prepared! The present is a gift. We hope to help future artists find their voice, perfect their hand, and empower them to create at their highest level in order to impress both themselves and the world around them. The world is watching you, so give them a good show and a good game!

News, Media, and Entertainment

AttentionSpam artists not only develop programming for high-profile clients, but most importantly create from their own individual souls of irreplaceable unique humanity. Variety is the spice of life, so browse around and discover what these great minds have aspired to create for the delight and joy of your senses! Artisan meandering delicious experiments in dancing chaos. Are you ready to see for yourself? Be seeing you!